Toni B
CEO / Founder

“I hope you enjoy,
let’s help a child in need” XOXO

Our founder and CEO Toni Buford started Organic Graffiti Cosmetics due to her love for children, and believing in a pure meritocracy. She wanted to create a brand that would help benefit children’s lives all over the world. Contrary to her love for fashion, helping a child in need comes first. “I wanted to demonstrate that I was going to utilize my gift given from God however, I knew my gift was needed for someone else’s strength.” Toni Buford took her love for fashion and created Organic Graffiti Cosmetics utilizing certified organic Ingredients that will benefit the blood stream and body. “As women we want to feel Beautiful from the inside knowing what we consume cosmetically can be trust worthy! Toni Buford thought about ingredients that improves our skin such as coconut oil and other natural ingredients. Studies on individuals with dry skin show that coconut oil can improve the moisture content of the skin. It also reduces the systems of eczema. Ms. Buford’s formula comes from the manipulation of products that were all thought out to improve our cosmetic shelving. “I hope you enjoy, let’s help a child in need XOXO Toni B.